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Luxe Asia

September 11, 2015  |   New Releases   |     |   Comments Off on Luxe Asia

華麗亞洲行 Journey to the most luxurious locations across Asia and discover the most indulgent and exclusive experiences the region has to offer. Host Anita Kapoor reveals the latest travel and living trends enjoyed by Asia’s ultra-rich – from the

Vagabond Crew: A Journey Through Breakdance

September 10, 2015  |   New Releases   |     |   Comments Off on Vagabond Crew: A Journey Through Breakdance

流浪者街舞團:霹靂舞王者 The Vagabond Crew, one of the most successful breakdancing crews in the world, invites viewers to follow them as they attempt to win another double victory for a second consecutive year at The Battle of the Year, Europe’s biggest international breakdance competition. Through candid interviews with both former and current Vagabond members, the film gives us an intimate look back at the group’s humble beginnings and their close relationship with Vagabond choreographer and founder, Mohamed ...

The Cholesterol Question

September 09, 2015  |   New Releases   |     |   Comments Off on The Cholesterol Question

膽固醇疑問 This is a hard-hitting investigation into the link between cholesterol and one of today’s biggest killers – heart disease. Told with state-of-the-art animation, The Cholesterol Question features the world’s leading scientific authorities who reveal the latest insights and dispel age-old myths. This is essential science at its most gripping. 膽固醇與很多疾病有密切的關係,當中包括今天最大的殺手之一心臟病。本節目探究膽固醇問題,聽取世界領先科研機構最新的見解並消除古老傳說的疑慮。備有中文字幕。